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          Excellence  - In & Out of the Classroom

          365网赌app - 网赌365平台已经接受的概念,即田径发挥学生的整体教育有意义和必要的作用。是一个体育项目可以补充浓厚的学术课程的想法是一个激发学校提供学生多方面穿HCA标志傲然。孩子在团队运动学习的概念做准备的挑战和生活的严酷。

          HCA offers a variety of sports, including 棒球 & 垒球, Basketball, 欢呼leading, 舞蹈, 足球 , 高尔夫球 , 网球 , Track & Field , and 排球 . The students who participate in athletics learn to develop important character traits such as commitment, loyalty, integrity, respect for others and themselves, and an appreciation for the benefits of hard work. Inevitably, they emerge from the process as confident young people capable of making intelligent decisions and gracefully accepting the consequences. They experience victory and defeat, the camaraderie of the team, the benefits of cooperation, and the passion and joy of competition. It is important that all students are given the opportunity to participate in more than one sport if they choose. Many students do not mature physically until late high school, but because they were given the opportunity to participate in athletics and develop those foundational principals, they were prepared to contribute as a junior or senior at a high level, which in turn allowed them to play sports at the college level.


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